Saturday, September 27, 2008



urs n my dream..... wahahaha...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Recieved a missed call...
i wonder who called up?????

Wait a minute~~!!!! i reconiezed tat num... IT WAS PERFECT DRIVING
SCHOOL... OMG... they probably wana to inform me tat my P licence was ready.. I HAF TO
CALL BACK.. roarrr~~!!!

tut tut.... tut tut... tut
perfect: halo perfect driving school.
me : (act dumb) ahar?? u called up?
perfect: r u jack??
me : erm yea....
perfect: oh i juz wan to inform u tat ur p license was ready..
me : (dam happy) oh.. can i get it now
perfect: yea if u wan to...~!!!but u haf to bring rm70
me : OOKKK suree....
me : ok.. bye~!

DASH DOWN.......
me : mama..... lets go get my P licence... it was ready.. prepare rm 70 for me
mom: zzzz.... y must get it now... i lazy drive u out.. infact i gt no money go ask from ur dad... XD
me : but dad coming home on weekend...
mom : SOO~~!!!.. get it on monday then..

I WAN IT NOWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

XD XD XD XD XD =_= !=_=! TT TT TT TT

Monday, September 22, 2008

ah.. wat a lucky boy

IT WAS HY BIRTHDAY.. wohooo... lols...
after school me, jy n the lucky boy went to nando to celebrate his birthday.. o well.. nt to say it was grand but it was from our sincere heart... eeks.. others all ffk~~!!! wat a fren?? hahah
after eating... we go book shop... Due to exam.. all my pen were used up.. XD bought a G1 refill but end up losing it?? whr the hell i put it??? din i even bring back home? zzzz.. ahh... screw it~!!

went back home by jy so call kancil sport with ultra sound proof... imagine how cocky it is.. zzz


ahhh.. it was almost 3 now... my show condor hero is about to begin... ciaozzzzzzzz

Friday, September 19, 2008

Joyfulnes, excitement, enjoyable filled the day

Well... on the 13 sept (sat)...
i woke up early in the morning-7.45. i had driving lesson lols... haha... i drived all the way to puchong.. amazing ryt.. i learned 3 point turn, hill, n parking... others were ok except for HILL.. it was kinda hard to actualy pass tat section.. o well.. i learn from 8 in the morning to 2 in afternoon.. 6 HOURS MANNNN~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!! i was sweating.. n dammm tireddddddd

After 2.. i drove the insructor to one u as i promised my friend to hang aruound with friend namely jx,hy,jy... well... the movie start at 2.30.. i reached thr at 2.20.. atleast they baught my ticket... MONEY NOT ENUF 2 was really really funny n yet thr was part which make us all most drop our tears.. Ah.. my laughing disease strike me.. i blast my laughter in the cinema.. my friend told me tat my laughter was audible to every1's ear in the cinema.. haha.. i dun deny.. it was really really funny..

Ok... so tat night i actualy had lantern party in tropicana... i rushed home by taking cab... i dash in my room take off my shirt n start bathing.. haha... ky came to my house to wait for ad's dad. We were lost... i wondered whos fault ar darling..!!.
u never know how big is the house till u step in.. it was like a hotel.. swimming pool, pool table, futsal table... WOWW... my future house.. haha

ready for the pool?

wei.. the white surpose to go in la. u dum dum XD

waa.. imgine tis in ur HOUSE =-=

As i was telling ky to replace candle for cell phone XD(she was actualy listening)

those who went~~!

back to my old memories

look -IT'S buringgggggggg.

ahh... i dun intend to swim actually as i din bring any extra shirt n pants.. o well.. so i decided to juz sit aside looking at others playing.. haha.. thr were many tims tat i was almot pushed into the pool... XD =-=... ahh... pity the 2 darlingzzz... we were targeted... eric n fion came to me n start taking out my hp n wallet... zzzz SPLISH SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHHH i was in the pool... NEXT SPLISH SPLASH... darling was in the pool toooo D.. ty bro for letting such a romantic moment with my darling... ZZZZZZZ XD

The main victim XD

HEY!! U THR we nid our privacy.. HAHA

(get that idea out of ur mind, we aint..)

hmm?? body??

erm?? body n head? haha

haha.. pity grace car TT.. i m sorry its nt wa we wanted blame others who pushed us down.. LOLS

Friday, September 5, 2008

kuchi kuchi kuchi~~~~~ guchi guch guchi..

Hehe... so... thr was a camp held in Yuk Chai.. My primary school.. woot.. On the 30th aug to 1st of sept... i was hestitating whether to join or nt? but end up.. i stayed thr for 1 night.. wel.. i m nt the participant but i was solt of the committe... hehe

The particiapants from DJ were.. GRACE, KATRINA, MEI WEI, PUEY CHENG, KHAI SING, JUN WEN, SAMMY, KAH YEE, N lastly my darling...

My darling.. LDR for team 1 - Barney.
(i love u, u love me. we r happy..)<3

They r blind to choose u as ldr man.. XD.. wahaha anyway i m proud of u. MUAX~!

on the sat night.. i was thr to help up with the station game... Me n zu wen were inchare of the 4th station... Fion gave us 3 eggs n a box.. we was told tat they r surpose to guesse wat it was? thier suggestion was juz to let them touch the shell??? isnt tat too SIMPLE... since i was given the permission to do wtv i wan.. !!! so i came up with THIS idea by mixing the content with mud, water, leaves n flower.. haha

Master piece from me

u guys r surpose to...~~!

dun worry is jus ..!!

JUZ TOUCH IT~~~~~~~~

the ending of my piece!!!~~

The next morning i went thr at 8.... when i headed to the guys dorm i saw JUN WEN brushinghis teeth... haha.. haha.. so all the participants haf some talk with the lions n some pjians..LOLS... but we the committees were playing CHUO DAI TI outside LOLS.. some of us were telling JOKES... OMG... can laugh my ass OFF man... ALL CRABS N LAMERS appeared.

After lunch assuntaria, pjians n djians were sitting together in the canteen BONDING.. by how??? TELLING LAME JKES.. all kind of weird, unlogical, lame jkes fly here n thr...

wahahaha.. but i enjoyed listening..

thr is tis 10.......!!!!~.~

After tat.. we had some water game la.. somehow i was drag to join the game cause thr was tis 1 group who are lack of member.. haha..

WOOt we had BBQ for dinner... wahahaha.... well.. i was smart enuf to go group by group asking them to do for me.. wahahaha... LOLS~~~!!!!! AHhh.. although the CHICKEN was'nt really COOKED yet.. BUT who cares... I M HUNGRY.. TT.. the toilet is juz 2 meter away,.. haha

fire~~!!! UP UP UP

NO!~!.. dun bbq me.. TT

After tat.. all the sister club wil present their performance during tat night... wahaha... assunata came out with some exericese, games n laztly a cheers... DJ... had a sexy dexy dance.. woot.. tmn sea had a awesome drama... i love the guys man.. wahahha

Haha.. so i braught a AIR MATTRESS to haf a comfartable slp... wahaha... LOLS.... when i woke up then next thing i saw was head around me... lying on my mattress... hhahaha.. COOL ryt?~~!!! but unfortunately i onli slept for 30 mins.. we pjians were planning some prank on the participant.. which we call it CODE 500.. we aloud them to slp at 1 o'clock but we wake them up at 5.. so how we woke them.?.. haha.. lets juz dun go into tat.. wahaha.. so we had operasi burung hantu,, they r surposed to blind fold them self n follow the person infron.. wahaha.. i took the satay stick n POKED every1 all their face, leg, hand.. EVIL ME~~~~~ wehehehehe

haha.. tis is all i wanted to say.. OVERALL IT WAS FUN


some random pics..